Powdery Mildew in Vegetable Garden

Question from Debbie:

Hello! I have lost most of my squash plants; only a couple left. A powdery mildew forms on the leaves firstly; so then I cut back on the water but still continues…. now they have dwindled to nothing, ready to pull out.

Some had blossoms even; some had little squashes… now all gone! What did I do wrong?

Answer from Pat:

In Southern California we grow vegetables year round but we plant the warm-season crops beginning in March and grow and harvest them during spring and summer and we plant the cool-season plants beginning in September and grow and harvest these in fall and winter. Squash is a summer vegetable. Pull out the plants and compost the remains. Next year purchase a mildew resistant variety from seeds and plant on March 1. (They sprout easily from seeds.)

It is now October, and thus not too late to plant a winter crop in the space where your squash plant now is. See my book for suggestions.


  1. It did have a wave of blooms a month ago and two blossoms last week. Should I clip it back now??? or wait til when?

    • It is now October, a fall month. Bougainvillea is a tropical plant and you live slightly inland. Unless you plan on bringing your potted bougainvillea into a sunny room during winter, do not cut it back now since this is not considered one of the warm summer months. If not bringing the plant indoors, this is now time to harden the plant off for winter.

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