Sulfate of Potash

Gardening Question:

In the rose-pro method of caring for roses in your book, it calls for sulfate of potash (0-0-22) which I can’t find in ANY nursery or hardware store around here.  I did find Sul-Po-Mag which has the same NPK numbers, but also contains sulphur and magnesium.  Can I use this instead?

Answer from Pat:

Yes, elsewhere in my book Sul-Po-Mag is frequently suggested as the correct substance to use as a source of potassium. Sul-Po-Mag is another name for sulfate of potash. It’s the same thing. Please refer to the chart of generic fertilizers on this website. Download it, print it up, and keep a copy in the back of the book. Unfortunately in the printing process this chart was inadvertently omitted. The publisher and I are very sorry, but the problem will be corrected and the chart will be included in the next printing. Please download and print this chart and keep it in the back of the book. When the book says “Refer to the chart of generic fertilizers on page 28” this is the chart that should be there. Instead there is a chart of Organic Soil Amendments, which are not fertilizers.


  1. Thankful Gardener

    Thanks! I appreciate your response! I’ve been following your book for our lawn since last october (cool season lawn) and our grass is strikingly the best lawn in the neighborhood. So, I can’t wait until the roses bloom!

    Thanks for your book.

    • Thanks so much for this excellent feedback on the advice in my organic month-by-month garden book. Your words warmed the cockles of my heart on this Valentines Day weekend.

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