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Grasshopper Control

Gardening Question From Kimberly: We live in New Mexico. Have developed a very bad infestation of young grasshoppers. Suggestions? Answer From Pat: Grass hoppers are ground-dwelling insects which, when conditions are just right, appear in swarms at which time they’re known as locusts. Swarms of locusts have at times changed human history and thus were […]

Best Time To Water Lawns

Gardening Question From Debbie: I live in So California, inland valley in Temecula, and with the extreme heat I need to know when the best time to water Cool Season lawns. Mainly Fescue I believe. I was watering in the mornings, however, someone told me I should only water in evenings. When and for how […]

New Zealand Christmas Tree

Gardening Question From Roz: I have bought each of your b ooks. I live in OceanHills Country club. I want to know when is the best time of year to prune Metro………New Zealand Xmas tree.l? I grow all my own vegs: I am English…what more can i say? Answer From Pat: New Zealand Christmas tree […]

Yellow Leaves On Roses

Gardening Question From Chris: I have been following your Rose Pro program from your Southern California gardening book. The roses in my back yard and the front yard roses in pots are doing well. However, the roses in my front yard which are planted directly in the ground have yellowing leaves. The leaf itself turns […]

Drought Tolerant Fast Growing Flowering Tree

Gardening Question from John: Hello Pat!  I bought a house on the top of a hill in Pasadena that has no trees on the west side of the property.  The sun blasts that side of the house in the afternoons and our temperatures can get up to 105 degrees.  Can you suggest a fast growing […]

White Birch Trees

Gardening Question from Rod: I hired a new gardener last week and have 4 beautiful tall multi trunk birch trees in the front yard.  He said they needed trimming so I said ok and found after that he had topped them all off leaving horizontal cuts at the top of the trees.  I didn’t think […]

Artificial Grass

Gardening Question From Tom: Is there any city of Pasadena prohibition to replacing lawns with artificial grass? Answer From Pat: From what I have read in newspapers, the City of Glendale has banned artificial turf in front yards but not in back yards. This is due to fears about public health due to run-off of […]

Separating Artichokes

Gardening Question from Steve: I was watching your segment on artichokes and what know one says is ……when you separate the plant from its two or three main plants, do you keep the old original and just remove the new ones, or what? thanks for your help. Answer from Pat: You keep the new leaves […]

Profile Professional Clay Soil Conditioner

Gardening Question from Sylvia: In your book So. CA Gardening-Month-by-Month, you mention using the above product to help with compacted clay soil, turning the soil into “a loose growing medium containing adequate water and oxygen”. I want to use it in my clay soil in North Park/San Diego but haven’t found a supplier. Would you […]


Question from Mike: I was eating dried apples, and afterward it looked like there was spider web in the bag, but then I found worms in the bag of apples. I had been eating dried apples with worms. Is there anything to be medically concerned about regarding having ingested worms and their larvae? Other than […]