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New Zealand Christmas Tree

Gardening Question From Roz: I have bought each of your b ooks. I live in OceanHills Country club. I want to know when is the best time of year to prune Metro………New Zealand Xmas tree.l? I grow all my own vegs: I am English…what more can i say? Answer From Pat: New Zealand Christmas tree […]

Citrus Care

Gardening Question from Joni: I love your webpage!  I could use all the advise you have on caring for my citrus. I planted a navel, valencia, meyers lemon and kumquat 3 years ago.  Oranges have some curly leaves and are producing very little.  I live in the Shadowridge area of Vista (southwesterly, close to Palomar […]

Artificial Grass

Gardening Question From Tom: Is there any city of Pasadena prohibition to replacing lawns with artificial grass? Answer From Pat: From what I have read in newspapers, the City of Glendale has banned artificial turf in front yards but not in back yards. This is due to fears about public health due to run-off of […]

Whipping The Tree Trunk

Gardening Question from Andrea: Tell me more about whipping the tree trunk!  My Italian neighbor has mentioned something like that.  So far, I’ve only threatened to cut it down.  Again thanks for helping. Answer from Pat: Here is the story: A man who lived in a coastal town near me had a magnolia which never […]

Separating Artichokes

Gardening Question from Steve: I was watching your segment on artichokes and what know one says is ……when you separate the plant from its two or three main plants, do you keep the old original and just remove the new ones, or what? thanks for your help. Answer from Pat: You keep the new leaves […]

Peach Tree Production

Question from Jo: I live in Los Angeles and planted a bare root Hale Haven peach tree 2 yrs. ago. Last yr. there were maybe 4-5 flowers and 2 peaches (which the birds beat me to). This year I didn’t see any flowers but see 2 small peaches (July 2012)to date. I know next to […]

Papaya Tree

Question from Kathleen: After putting fruit peels and seeds in my rose garden a papaya plant grew and is now 5 feet tall with many green papayas , what fertlizer should I use ? Thank you so much . Answer from Pat: Any balanced organic fertilizer will do but I’m a bit hesitant to suggest […]

Profile Professional Clay Soil Conditioner

Gardening Question from Sylvia: In your book So. CA Gardening-Month-by-Month, you mention using the above product to help with compacted clay soil, turning the soil into “a loose growing medium containing adequate water and oxygen”. I want to use it in my clay soil in North Park/San Diego but haven’t found a supplier. Would you […]

Planting with the Seasons and Crop Rotation

Gardening Question from Tressa: Thanks for such a great website. I am somewhat confused about crop rotation and year-round growing in Southern California. For example, I just planted bush beans, when they are done, I will plant leafy winter vegetables. Do I have to wait 3 or 4 years before I plant beans again? (The […]


Question from Yvonne: Is it possible to grow hydrangeas in southern ca, I live in Pico Rivera..not sure my zone #, 3 have died in containers. Not sure what I ma doing wrong. Answer from Pat: Hydrangeas grow wonderfully well here. They love facing east, but they do need plenty of water and good drainage. […]