New Zealand Spinach

Tips And Hints For Growing Easy-Care Warm-Season Crops

Planting months: March-July Spacing: thin plants to 12 iches, rows 2 feet Special Tips: Soak seeds overnight Harvesting:Cut top sprouts 4 to 5 inches long, plants regrow, are invasive inland. Steam, stir fry, or eat raw. May continue to grow year-round. Recommended Varieties: just one kind.

Step-By-Step Method For Growing Great Organic Vegetables By Pat Welsh Author Of : Pat Welsh’s Southern California Organic Gardening, Month By Month.

NOTE: If you are growing vegetables year-round there will be some carry over of cool-season crops into warm weather, for example artichokes, which can be put in from transplants in March and harvested in June, or globe onions, which are planted from seeds in November and harvested in late May or June, and strawberries which are also planted in November and harvested throughout spring into early summer.

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