Humic Acid

I live in San Diego. I read your books and I am looking for a supplier for humic acid and for EnviroTree. Where do you get these products?

Humic acid is contained in the product “John and Bob’s Soil Optimizer” which is very effective but also expensive. A less expensive source of humic acid made from Leonardite is obtainable from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply. (Address and phone numbers are found on page 417 of my new book.) Peaceful Valley carries many other useful organic materials, some of which are recommended in my new book. I am hopeful that humic acid will be more widely distributed in future and that more organically-oriented nurseries will begin carrying it. If gardeners ask for it, nurseries will begin to supply it to them.

EnviroTree 5-3-3-2 + can be obtained from Sod Specialties and GrowYourLawn, 402/896-0184. It costs $39.99 for one gallon and $89.99 for two gallons but is highly effective.

Here is a web link: or contact the maker: Biotech Nutrients, 818 West Brooks Avenue, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030. Or the Factory: Bio Tech Nutrients, 215 Industrial Park Road, Grace, Idaho 83241.

FOR A SOURCE NEAR YOU: Contact: Gary DeAmaral, Crop Booster Distributing, 450 Echo Valley Road, Prunedale, California 93907, 831-663-5640 – office.

Here is more information on EnviroTree: J&B distributors used to carry this product. (Sorry I have not yet found an address or phone for this purveyor, but I heard they may have dropped EnviroTree.) Mike Castro was the former owner of J&B, which is/was a local distributor.


  1. Unfortunately I have now learned through my contacts that Envirotree is now only available in 2,000 gallon quantities and no purveyor is currently willing to package it in smaller amounts appropriate for the home gardener.

    Since we can no longer obtain Envirotree I have come up with my own concoction that might help stressed trees, which is as follows: Mix together: 4 tablespoons of fish emulsion (or substitute Biolink 5-5-5), 2 Tablespoons Humax, and 1 Tablespoon Yucca extract (as a spreader-sticker), with 1 Tablespoon any brand of kelp extract. (Or substitute Eco-Growth Fish and Kelp Blend for the kelp and fish emulsion.) Mix all ingredients into 3 gallons of water and spray on tree trunks in cool weather in spring or fall when rain is not expected within one week. Agitate sprayer while spraying.

    The formula above should be almost the same as Envirotree. All products mentioned above can be obtained through Peaceful Valley Farm Supply and some are available locally. You may switch brands to suit your needs. The formula above just gives you the basic idea for mixing up your own concoction containing organic fertilizer, minerals (supplied by kelp), a spreader-sticker (to make water wetter) and humic acid (to activate all materials and provide additional nutrients.) This could be sprayed on foliage as well as on trunks but only in cool weather. It will not, however, kill beetles, though it could help trees combat such pests by activating the cambium layer to make more sap and thus drown out the beetles.

  2. Pat, how often do you recommend applying humic acid? I did purchase from Peaceful Valley. I put it in my veggie garden before planting seeds. Thank you!

    • Humic acid seems to have a strong effect as a planting fluid. It affects the soil by unlocking nutrients already there but also it stimulates the production of roots, making plants have larger root systems with a greater proliferation of roots. It is most effective when used the way you did, prior to planting or while putting in transplants. If I were you I would apply it once again as a liquid two or three weeks after germination when plants are up and growing. I have never used it on carrots and am not quite sure what it would do to them.

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