What People Say

Scripps College

Gardening Comment from Michelle: My mother in law bought your book for me when I was first married.  I have enjoyed it immensely.  It is rather thrashed, but none-the-less fabulous. I decided to find out if Australian Peppers will allow plants to grow underneath them.  While reading your posts, I discovered that you went to […]

Electrifying Talk

Thank you, Pat, for your electrifying talk at the Master Gardener seminars. As I said to you at the book table, you are very charming and you have taught all of us so much about gardening HERE. Your book is very helpful and well thumbed and annotated! Thank you very much. Maureen

Speaking from experience, not from hear-say

Pat, everything I read from you reminds me of an old Choctaw neighbor I had many years ago. Before he passed out of this world he taught me how to grow a garden using chicken manure and marine fish/shellfish scraps, and how to kill fire ants with household vinegar and soap. His methods work so […]


Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m finally going to make it to one of your talks! I’ve been signed up for weeks for the Master gardeners spring seminar on May 4th.And now that it’s getting closer I’m really getting excited to come learn all that I can from you. I hope to someday learn enough to turn around and […]