Looks Like Goathead

Gardening Question From Brad: We have some goathead but also another plant that looks very similiar. The diff is that this plant does not thorn and it has pink/purple flowers rather than yellow. It’s leaves are fern like and finer. It branches out like goathead does. When young it is quite pretty but with age […]

Weed Control

Question from Tricia: First I wanted to say I’m very thankful for your knowledge and expertise in this field that I have very little of. I met you once a few years ago at a horticultural society meeting, and purchased 2 of your books. I would love nothing more than to spend time gardening everyday, […]

Fox tail

Question form Jake: Fox tail has taken over my lawn in the back yard. I have a grazing tortoise that lives back there so using toxic weed killer is out of the question. Is there any solution? What would you suggest? Answer from Pat: Several grasses of the Alopecurus, Bromus, Hordeum, and Setaria genuses share […]

Controlling Goathead Thorn

Question from Joy: I live in El Cajon, Calif. We have a weed here that we call a “goathead”. Do you know what it actually is? and how I can get rid of them? We call use that name becaause the sticker looks like a rock with 2 horn. They are actually so sharp and […]

Self-Sowers & Plant Volunteers

I once asked my gardener Raymundo why he never weeds. “Because in your garden, Senora,” he replied, “you can ‘t tell the difference between a weed and a flower!” He had notice d that in our mild Southern California climate many garden plants are self-sowers, plants that drop fertile seeds which germinate to become “volunteers,”little […]

Pernicious Weeds

In my opinion the three most pernicious weeds in this area are common Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon), purple or yellow nutsedge (Cyperus sp.) and creeping oxalis (Oxalis stricta and O. corniculata). I choose these three is because they seem most difficult to get rid of. Chemical controls are available for all these problems, and if […]