Trimming California Pepper Trees

Tree Trimming Question From Ter: Is there any way to stop or at least minimize the number of new sprouts that grow on the cuts after i trim the California pepper tree? i take off a branch, turn around, and there are a dozen sprouts growing where the removed branch was. If i can’t stop […]

Can I Use A Liquid Fungicide Along The Drip-Line?

Gardening Question From Barbara: my flowering tree has Apple Scab disease. We live in Michigan, and the trees have lost most leaves and are beginning to go dormant. Can I use a liquid fungicide along the drip-line? Can I prune the tree first? Answer From Pat: When your tree is completely dormant and leaves have […]

Brown/Black Tips And Black Spots On Tabebuia Impeginosa

Gardening Question From Lynn: We are in Culver City,Ca and have three one year old Tabebuias all of which are developing black/brown tips of leaves as well as black spots. Could this be a drainage issue, and/or over watering or part of the semi deciduous process? Our arborist suggests over watering. Any tips on how […]

Propagating Podacarpus

Gardening Question From Bee: Could you please tell me how to start a podacarpus from a cutting?  My neighbors have really ugly wooden fences (we live in Florida) and I think a living fence would be so pretty.  I have seen them formed into beautiful hedges and that would be perfect for what I want. […]

Silver Sheen VS Podacarpus VS Purple Hop Bush

Gardening Question From Maria: Hi, I live in Irvine, CA, and I am looking for replacement for privacy hedge/trees for our two 20 foot Camphor trees. Unfortunately, the Camphors had grown too big and lifting our concrete and messing up our pipes. The trees will be right by our main patio area so I prefer […]

Pruning Cassia Leptophylla

Gardening Question From Suzanne: We have one of these trees in the front yard of our Huntington Beach home. It has grown rather large and unruly. Can we have it pruned now or must we wait until autumn? Answer From Pat: Cassia leptophylla should be pruned only when necessary to correct shape or control spread. […]

Evergreen Trees

Gardening Question From Mila: I live in Santa Clarita CA, 91355.  I currently have an Olive Tree in my front yard.  Last year it started bearing fruits that stained my concrete and littered my lawn.  My gardener also stated that it needs to be removed soon since it will eventually damage my concrete.  I am […]

Using California Pepper Tree Leaves

Gardening Question From Kathleen: I’m testing my young orange tree with a ph tester, and noticed the soil is too far on the acidic side. I was wondering if the leaves fallen from my California pepper tree would help to balance the levels out?     Answer From Pat: Never dig anything into the soil […]

Pepper Trees

Gardening Question From Glennis: We are in escrow of a home in Banning, CA. There are what we believe to be two very large California Pepper trees lining either side of the driveway. I can direct you to the website that will show you the front of the house if you would be so kind […]

Columnar Aspen

Gardening Question From Barb: I have a group of columnar aspens in my yard and this year they have grown huge leaves at the very top.  The leaves are easily 5 times larger than the other leaves and have appeared only on the new growth.  The trees are bent over on the top due to […]