Native Plants Suitable For A Green Roof

In this short list are several succulents, and two grasses. Several groundcovers, a few bulbs, and some perennials would also be worthy contestants but all these would require regular maintenance, so they are not included. SUCCULENTS: General Characteristics of Dudleyas— Approximately 40 species native to California and Mexico Members of stonecrop family (Crassulaceae) Can survive […]

Drought-Resistant Gardening

Question: I heard you speak at the Fallbrook Garden Club. I ordered your most current book tonight. Which of your books (or is there a book that isn’t yours that you recommend?) would have the most information on drought-resistant plants for us in Fallbrook who don’t have much water? I assume succulents and cacti are […]

Finding Your Own Style

The ideal garden is a place in which nature can revel within an artistically arranged design. Every garden can benefit from having a few formal aspects or well-defined boundaries—a few straight lines, a spiral or a square, a triangle, or a circle. Vita Sackville West once said that above all she wanted her garden to […]

Aeonium ‘Zwartskop’

Question from Charlie: I have a black aeonium in bloom. What are you supposed to do, pruning-wise, once the bloom is over? It seems so top-heavy. Thank you! Answer from Pat: As with all succulents, wait until the bloom is faded and then cut it off. With most Aeoniums, after they have bloomed and you […]

Native Grasses & Succulents Suitable For Planting Near A Coastal Lagoon

Grasses Not listing any grasses due to invasive qualities. Succulents Agave shawii—Shaw agave***  Excellent barrier plant with clean appearance, bold, architectural  shape and ferocious spines. Uniquely-shaped bloom spike is   attractive to hummingbirds. Cylindropuntia prolifera—Coast cholla**  Extremely prickly plant for keeping out intruders, not for use near paths. Opuntia littoralis; O. orricula—Coast prickley pear**  Effective spiney […]

Container Patio Plants

(Many work in the ground also.) Flamingo lily (Anthurium andraeanum), Azalea ‘Alaska’ and others. (Other good varieties: ‘Happy Days’, ‘Phoenecia’, ‘Formosa’         is understock, often appears when sprouts grow from ground. Bat-faced cuphea (Cuphea llavea) Other good cupheas, include false heather (C.     hyssopifolia) All bring hummingbirds. Brazilian plume (Justicia carnea) Butterfly flower (Clerodendrum […]