Roses And Other Flowers

Question About Roses From Nancy: I am in Sunset zone 9 and because of the direction our house was built my planters are almost total shade. I need suggestions of flowers to plant in shade. I love roses. Along with flowers are their any roses that can survive shade? Answer From Pat: For many years […]

Yellow Leaves On Roses

Gardening Question From Chris: I have been following your Rose Pro program from your Southern California gardening book. The roses in my back yard and the front yard roses in pots are doing well. However, the roses in my front yard which are planted directly in the ground have yellowing leaves. The leaf itself turns […]

Pests on Rose Buds

Question from John: What is the best organic method to get did of the little white flies on the buds of my rose bushes. Yhank you, regards John Answer from Pat: If you truly have “white flies” on your roses, your roses are growing in too much shade and should be in full sun. Plants […]

Rose Pruning

Question from Randy: Greejeans again sorry to bother you. I prune roses for folks and I have so many this year that I was wondering what would be the earliest time I could start pruning roses this year. Thanks so much for your help as always. Answer from Pat: Traditionally rose pruning in California can […]

Climbing Roses

Question from Sue: I attended one of your talks once and someone asked you to name a few easy-to-grow climbing roses. You named several. I was foolishly not writing down your suggestions. Would you please give me a short list of your recommendations. I want to order a couple of bare-root climbers, but not until […]

Euphorbia Lactea Desert Rose

Question from Don: We bought a Euphorbia Lactea at the OC County Fair a few years back. It has grown very well on our patio and has sprouted new branches. One is twice the original height of the plant. If I cut the branch and cut a split will it bloom a new flower? Or […]

When To Prune Climbing Rose

Question from Brigitte: I have a climbing rose that might be anywhere from 20 to 40 years old. It has a very large winding trunk and looks similar to the lady banks rose except that it has clusters of small pink one inch flowers that bloom in the spring. My gardener recommends pruning hard in […]

Transplanting a Yellow Rose

Question from Martha: I have another question for you. I have a yellow Softtouch rose bush. I have recently put it in a bigger container with good Miracle Grow soil. I has started to flourish, with buds all over it. However, when it blooms, the blooms do not look fresh. They are kind of dried […]

Transplanting Rose Bushes

Question from Sharon: In April, My son, who lives in San Marcos, Ca. planted 4 canned floribundas. He now, wants to transplant 2 of the roses. When is a good time to do this? Thanks so much. Sharon Answer from Pat: Wait until January to transplant these roses. To transplant them now so soon after […]

Proliferation of Odd Flowers on Roses

Question from Sally: My husband Brandon follows your month by month book for his roses but what happened to this yellow rose? All flowers have funny green buds in center. What could be causing that and what is it? Check out the picture of the Disneyland rose there must be a hundred buds in the […]