Shaping A Young CA Pepper Tree

Gardening Question From Sylvia: Hello, I have two single trunk trees around 40 ft away from each other…… I wanted multi trunks but they were not available. I was wondering how to shape the tree so that some of the lower branches can grow in a dramatic fashion. Do I pick a branch that I […]

New Zealand Christmas Tree

Gardening Question From Roz: I have bought each of your b ooks. I live in OceanHills Country club. I want to know when is the best time of year to prune Metro………New Zealand Xmas tree.l? I grow all my own vegs: I am English…what more can i say? Answer From Pat: New Zealand Christmas tree […]

Gold Medallion Tree

Gardening Question From Jack: I planted a 7 year old Gold Medallion tree 3 years ago its 10 years old 15′ tall 8-10′ around very healthy tree trunk 8″ in diameter beautiful tree. The problem is no blooms in 3 years the first year I planted it bloomed every year after none. Fertilizer. I was […]

Pruning Lavendar

Question from Heather: I live near the coast. When is the best time to prune back lavendar? I did it a few months back, but not aggressively. Now they are even larger, too big in fact. Answer from Pat: Prune lavendar as soon as the main blossom season has finished. Lavendar needs full sun. Otherwise […]

Dwarf grapefruit tree overpruned

Question from Chuck: I made the mistake of pruning my dwarf grapefruit tree 3 years ago. I haven’t had a grapefruit since. What can I do? The tree is beautiful and healthy looking, but no fruit. Answer from Pat: If you cut your grapefruit tree back very hard, it might take several years for the […]

Heavy pruning of olive trees while fruiting

Question from Kathleen: The condo complex I stay in started heavy pruning of all the fruiting olive tree today, 9-1-10. Is it healthy for the tree to be lose 80% of its leaves while developing its fruit? I do energy analysis and I thik the poor trees are in shock. Upcoming will be some heat […]

Peach Tree Problems and Solutions: Pruning, Fertilizer, and Dormant Spray

Question from Michael: My peach trees are about 7 yrs old and I have never trimmed them because I do not know how. I live in Illinois . About 4 yrs ago I had a good yeild of peaches and i canned them. Every year after when I get peaches, they seem to be drying […]

Sweet Memory Bushes

Question from John: When is the best time to prune Sweet Memory bushes. What is the best way to prune the Sweet Memory. Are there different types of Sweet Memory Bushes? Answer from Pat: In early spring after all danger of frost has passed, remove all dead and diseased wood and for rose plants older […]

Too Late to Prune Blackberries

Question from Sharon: I have some blackberry bushes that have been in the ground here in rural Del Mar about a year and a half. I missed pruning the “old canes to the ground” in November as you suggest in your book. I am wondering if I should do it now. I love your month […]

Growing Kiwi’s in La Mesa

Question from Jon: I hope you are recovering well from your surgery and feeling better.  My mother (who is 90) has also had several joints replaced as well as heart valve.  Hopefully the technology will continue to improve by the time I need something done. I have some more questions for you.  We are in […]