Pots & Containers

Container Size For Bowers Vine

Gardening Question From Molly: Hello! I’ve purchased 4 15-gallon containers of Pandorea Jasminoides – Bowers Vine – that I want to train onto my wooden fence. I want to upgrade the containers which are currently plastic buckets. Would rectangular boxes work? I have a narrow driveway that needs to accommodate my car, so I can’t […]

Potted bonsai bouganvillia

Gardening Question from Debbie: I have this pot outside in my garden in a location where it receives morning shade but direct sun most all afternoon. It did well for a while; then all leaves dropped but coming back now as soon as I watered less. How often should I water this pot?? and what […]

Honeysuckle Dying

Gardening Question Purchased a ‘mint crisp’ honeysuckle in a 1 gal pot; transplanted to a larger planter (hoping to move so I’m trying not to actually plant it). Was doing just fine and growing but has started to have sections where its starting to die. Leaves started to get limp (checked and moisture level was […]

Heat and Cold-Resistant Container Plants

Question from Brenda: What are some good container plants for Oklahoma that will make it through our cold winters and hot summers?  Thank you! Answer from Pat: The hallmark plants for containers in cold-winter climates are hardy evergreens. Your garden center should have a good selection. Books and magazines, especially those on formal landscape design […]

Potting Soil or Potting Mix?

Question from Fred: We are a bit confused about what to plant our Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes in. I have a 10 gallon container and need to know whether to use potting soil or potting mix and whether the brand is important. Also, if I use potting soil what kind of fertilizer (or tomato food) […]

Drought tolerants for patio

Question from Tracey: I would like to find out if there are some drought tolerant /native plants that will do well in pots on a patio. The patio is south facing and gets a lot of sun. I’m in the South Pasadena/ Highland Park area of Southern California. Answer from Pat: A few native plants […]

Organic fertilizers for indoor plants

Question from Randy: I would like to know what is a good indoor plant food? I’m going to start worm composting and am now composting my yard clippings etc. but am unsure about using these things indoors (smelly). I really like your S.Ca. organic gardening book. Answer from Pat: When gardeners decide to go organic […]

Container Lemon Tree

Question from Diane: I’m hoping you can help me with my container lemon tree. I have a 2 year old lemon tree that I transplanted from a 14” to an 18” pot in early January. It lost many of it’s leaves. I fed it at the end of January, and it has put out lots […]

How to Divide Clivia

Question from Roger: My clivia is huge. It been in it’s current pot since 2005. It is getting to big to move and manage. How do I split it. I’ve had this clivia since 1998, so kind of found of it. It blossoms every year in late spring, sometimes 4 or 5 blossoms, I think […]

Watering Plants in Pots

Question from Donald: I have my garden this year in 12/15 gallon pots and wonder if there is a simple way as when to water. I plan on using a watering sprinkling bucket. An due to our drought problems is why I went with pots and I don’t want to waste water. I have a […]