Pat’s Journal

Eucalypus Mulch

Gardening Question From Frank: Dear Pat, I am happy to hear your comments about eucalyptus wood, leaves and  detritus as mulch.  Over a period of forty years I have found eucalyptus mulch to be very beneficial to my garden in all ways.  We hands on, non abstract gardeners are the ones who know! Watering it […]

Climate Change In The Garden

Gardening Question From Bill and Anita: Does your 3rd edition reflect the changing climate  growing seasons.  I have your older book  (2000), and I love the month by month guides.  We mostly have vegetables, fruit trees, are try to get a cutting flower garden growing.  We are in San Diego Zone 10A (according to nursery).   […]

What Is Pat Up To?

I’m back from recent travels, shown here attending the annual garden tour in Laguna Beach last week and eager as ever to answer your garden questions. I hope to continue gardening, painting, traveling, and writing books indefinitely. I’m currently writing a proposal for a new book edition.  When it’s published I intend to come out of retirement […]

Design Your Garden to Fit Your Needs

By Pat Welsh “I don’t know where to begin!” Dannie said. One week earlier she and her husband John and their three young sons and had moved into a tract house in a brand new neighborhood inland from Los Angeles. The two of us were sitting on the back lawn staring ata steep bankcovered with […]

All My Edens

Question from Barbara: Just finished “All My Edens” and wanted to thank you for sharing your varied and interesting personal experiences with nature and gardening. Those remarkable, timeless moments along with great gardening tips (ear-marked those pages) and an engaging family history made for reading that I never wanted to end. Having, by choice or […]

All My Edens: A Gardener’s Memoir

Entertaining story of Pat’s early life from childhood in England to a farm in Pennsylvania and her youthful riches-to-rags adventures in America. Includes many amusing and touching incidents, including “Peter’s Path”, “The Frog that Knew It’s Way Home”, and “The Night I Saw a Gnome”, also Pat’s love story and vintage photographs. Exudes love of […]

All My Edens

From Meg: I’m so upset I have finished your book, “All My Edens.” I want you to know I enjoyed every single word and wish it would continue on into infinity. No such luck. Thank you for having lived such an interesting life full of gardening, and for sharing it with anyone willing to sit […]

How To Become A Writer, Or Mimis Writing Tips

My mother-in-law, Frances Lloyd Wright, whom my daughters called “Mimi”, taught me how to write a saleable story. I had written a great deal, including several chapters of a book and had had a few things published, but I had never sold a story. Frances went over the book with me chapter by chapter and […]