Can I Use A Liquid Fungicide Along The Drip-Line?

Gardening Question From Barbara: my flowering tree has Apple Scab disease. We live in Michigan, and the trees have lost most leaves and are beginning to go dormant. Can I use a liquid fungicide along the drip-line? Can I prune the tree first? Answer From Pat: When your tree is completely dormant and leaves have […]

Best Time To Water Lawns

Gardening Question From Debbie: I live in So California, inland valley in Temecula, and with the extreme heat I need to know when the best time to water Cool Season lawns. Mainly Fescue I believe. I was watering in the mornings, however, someone told me I should only water in evenings. When and for how […]


Question from Vernetta: I am a Laguna Beach Garden Club Board of Directors.  I want to promote a water conservation club project using ollas. can you suggest a supplier. I thought since you live closer to the Mexican boarder, you might have a suggestion. Also, if you have suggestions on how to implement the olla […]

Growing Citrus Trees on Drip

Gardening Question from Michelle: I have a garden that was planted around February which includes dwarf lime, lemon and mandarine. The irrigation is all drip and our watering schedule is for 8 minutes twice a week. I think I’m overwatering the citrus as the leaves on the lemon and lime tree are starting to turn […]

Reclaimed water for gardening

Question from Karen: I’m having a reverse osmosis filtration system installed in my kitchen. To produce it 3 gallons are needed to produce 1 gallon of filtered water. Ideally I’d like to recycle and reuse the excess water. Do you know anyone who has done this or do you have any information about whether this […]