Trouble With Growing Basil

Question From Chip Hope you’re doing well.  Even with the earthworm castings and moisture retention pellets (and Miracle Gro) we still haven’t had any luck with the basil.  I’m thinking we’re just doomed, but we may toy around with the irrigation some more before throwing in the towel. The question today is we’d like to […]

Pruning Lavendar

Question from Heather: I live near the coast. When is the best time to prune back lavendar? I did it a few months back, but not aggressively. Now they are even larger, too big in fact. Answer from Pat: Prune lavendar as soon as the main blossom season has finished. Lavendar needs full sun. Otherwise […]

Tarragon and Thyme

Question from Dee: This is my first garden this year so I really don’t know what I Am doing.I buy tarragon and Thyme every year and put it in pots.I live in zone 9 and I planted some french tarragon and varigated thyme in my garden and it gets full sun about 12 hours and […]


Question from Christina: I have cilantro in a container outside…the problem is, it’s leaves have turned purple. I don’t know what I am doing wrong and can’t find my answer anywhere online. I would appreciate any tips you might have! I am in san diego, so it gets tons of sun, a bit too much […]