Roses And Other Flowers

Question About Roses From Nancy: I am in Sunset zone 9 and because of the direction our house was built my planters are almost total shade. I need suggestions of flowers to plant in shade. I love roses. Along with flowers are their any roses that can survive shade? Answer From Pat: For many years […]

Salvia Greggi

Gardening Question From Leslie: Planted 5 5-gallon Salvia Greggi (red sage) in my brand new drought tolerant garden in mid November. With the winter rains the plants grew and are bearing many beautiful long sprigs of red flowers that hummingbird enjoy. When should I prune and how long should I leave the stems? Answer From […]

Kniphofia “Ember Glow”

Gardening Question From Lesley: Planted three 5-gallon Kniphofia “Ember Glow” in bloom in mid November. Six months later the plants have doubled in size but no bloom spikes. When should I expect plants to bloom again? Answer From Pat: The bloom season of most kniphofia is May and June. To me that is too short. […]

San Diego Hillside

Gardening Question From Janet: I live in San Diego, in the mission bay area. I have a huge hill/ slope in my back yard. I have planted Rosemary and ceonothus. Some survived but the side of the hill that didn’t survive there was a pine tree at the top of the hill. We have since […]

Yellow Foxtail

Gardening Question From Reybo: This spring I bought from an online garden center 5 lbs of wildflower seed. It should have gone to a larger site than 15 x 30 but that’s where it went. It’s been more than 60 days and it’s become a weed patch, 98% Yellow Foxtail and the rest Zinnia, plus […]

Wildflower Mix For Steep Bank

Gardening Question From Clare: PLEASE HELP…..we are building our new house in Fallbrook CA .and have a very long and steep bank which has to be stabilized > I do want to do a more long range landscape plan but need to get seed mixture on bank for building inspector …There are so many seed […]

Fortnight Lily (Dietes)

Question from Mari Jon: Hello! Intended to cut back dead leaves from the fortnight lilies. I  pulled on some of them, and they came out easily.  Is this an acceptable way of getting rid of the dead leaves, or must I cut them back near the base?  Seems like I might be freeing up space […]


Question from Yvonne: Is it possible to grow hydrangeas in southern ca, I live in Pico Rivera..not sure my zone #, 3 have died in containers. Not sure what I ma doing wrong. Answer from Pat: Hydrangeas grow wonderfully well here. They love facing east, but they do need plenty of water and good drainage. […]

Poinsettia With Drooping Leaves

Question from Julia: We just moved into our new home with a 7 feet poinsettia in our back yard. The plant doesn’t look good with drooping leaves. I water it every night for a week but nothing changes. Then, I set up a gallon water bottle. The plant seems to drink, then the bottle is […]

Indoor Antheriums

Question from Debbie: Hopefully you know about indoor plants as well…. I am sure you do!!! 😉   I have two antheriums that were beautiful but they are becoming smaller and smaller now 🙁 I have each sitting in the bathrooms, thinking the humidity would be good for them. They each keeping getting brown on the […]