Citrus & Fruit Trees

Kumquat Trees With Very Cupped Leaves

Gardening Question From Andrew: I have 3 kumquat trees in my garden area.  Two are 3 years old, one is about 5 years old.  My soil is very low in N and K.  A lot of 5 year old’s leaves are somewhat yellow.  I do feed on a regular basis with organic EB Stone citrus […]

Wilted Passionfruit Vine

Gardening Question From Allen: I purchased a passion-fruit vine to grow indoors. I set up a trellis and planted the plant in a very large container. I was growing beautifully. Plenty of morning sun, watering once a week and “spritzing” the leaves daily. One of the blogs I had read on-line suggested 10-10-10 fertilizer at […]

Grafting A Pollinator For Holiday Avocado

Gardening Question From Charles: We have a young Holiday avocado, 10 ft tall and about 5 years old. It has given us about 13 large avocados last year.  At this time we have 5 hanging on the tree.  We did not know when we bought the tree that it yielded fruit every other year.  We’d […]

Nectarine Suggestion

Gardening Question From Dave: Do you have a preferred nectarine(s) for coastal Southern California?   Answer From Pat:   Yes. My favorite is ‘Panamint’. I have recommended this for years and people still thank me for the recommendation. It is much better than peaches in coastal zones. Easy to grow and very productive.     […]

Plum & Pomegranate Trees

Gardening Question From Chris: We moved here from WI and I am trying to acclimate myself to gardening in CA. Our major problem is the plum and pomegranate trees that are planted under artificial turf in the back yard. The leaves are curling, browning and dying and the fruit is drying up. I have asked […]

Passion Fruit Propagation

Gardening Question from Ed: I am trying to propagate passion vines but some of the plants fail after germination.. in fact after several weeks of growth.  The plant develops leafs that become shriveled and the plant eventually dies.. Is this something that I may be doing wrong or not doing at all? I could send […]

Mature Peach Tree With No Leaves Or Flowers In Spring

Gardening Question From Jovan: Hello Pat from Dallas, Texas…I have a mature peach tree (4″+ trunk diameter) that this year has so far failed to have any leaves or flowers (by April in Texas we already have walnut-sized fruit on it). All of the past years tree has been producing plenty of fruit and never […]

Peach Tree Maintenance

Gardening Question from Jeffrey: My peach tree branch that was cut because of rotting the stump that is left rotting also, i can reach into it and feel softness my ? what can i pack inside the branch to promote healing. Answer from Pat: Sometimes it’s possible to save a tree with rotting area by […]

Worm Eating Meyer Lemon

Gardening Question From Alison: Live in Clearwater, FL, and have a patio meyer lemon/key lime tree. Lemons starting to ripen, but first yellow one was partly eaten with a worm sticking out! Yucky! W h at could it be and how to prevent it from spreading? Don’t see other bugs on green fruit.  Thanks! Answer […]

Citrus Care

Gardening Question from Joni: I love your webpage!  I could use all the advise you have on caring for my citrus. I planted a navel, valencia, meyers lemon and kumquat 3 years ago.  Oranges have some curly leaves and are producing very little.  I live in the Shadowridge area of Vista (southwesterly, close to Palomar […]