Bees & Spinosad Also Used For Dog & Cat Flea Treatment

Gardening Question From Stephanie: I hope you are well and that your new book is coming along well too.  I wanted to send this directly to you, since bees & spinosad are mentioned in a variety of your posts & responses.  Perhaps you know people working on the bee problem, and they can look into […]

Pollinating by Hand

Question: I’m a writer for a small newspaper in San Diego and in reading one of your books on month to month organic gardening in Southern California, I was interested by your idea on hand pollinating fruit tress due to lack  of bee activity. I’m interested in writing on the subject of saving the bees […]

Bees Looking for a Home

Question from Dave: I happened to come across your website because I am starting to do a lot of organic gardening here at my home in North County San Diego. I love your site! Lot’s of great helpful info on here. I perform live bee removal and I am looking for a couple places to […]

Why Did I Get So Few Melons? (Pollination of Melon Plants, by Hand or By Bees)

Question from Andy: I live in an interior climate zone of Southern California. Last year I planted watermelons but I only got one melon per plant. The melons I got were great, but why did I get so few? Answer from Pat: Dear Andy: You are not the only gardener who has told me they […]

Mason Bees

Question from Tandy: I have just happly become aware of your web site. I live in North San Diego County. What do you know about mason bees. Are they worth getting for pollination? Answer from Pat: Yes it certainly is worthwhile encouraging mason bees, sometimes called the orchard mason bees, to set up housekeeping in […]

More Bees

Question from Alice: Today I was at the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, Ca.  I was eating out side together with lots of people. When I saw a Bee Professional spraying a Hive from the side walk, way up high on a tree. I thought it was yellow jackets, but no, it was bees. At that point they […]

Bee Bows

Question from Rebecca: In one of your youtube videos about hand pollenating squash blossoms you showed something you called bee bow? I’ve googled it trying to find it and can’t find it anywhere on the web. Is that the correct name? And do you have a link to where I could find it online? Answer […]

What to do if you find a bee swarm

Gardening Question From Jeanne: I live in East County (La Mesa)…a swarm has settled on my screen door…they have been there all day…a bee keeper removal said they may leave @ dusk. They are still around. I did not know any of the above info. Thank you for that. Answer from Pat: I can see […]

What to Do if You Find a Bee Swarm

A year or two ago in spring I encountered a bee swarm in my garden. They had been living in an owl house high up in one of my trees, but in spring a large number of them swarmed. Bees proliferate at a rapid rate, thus occasionally a swarm of them congregate and fly away […]

Please Help Save the Bees Pt 2

Last month I discussed the threat to bees from the commonly used pesticide Spinosad that despite its OMRI label of approval, is highly toxic to bees. Now we get to the worst health problem facing bees: CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder, a worldwide sickness of bees in which they become confused so they cannot find […]