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New Raised Garden And Being Organic

Raised Garden Question From Gloria: My gardener built a raised garden and put non organic plants in. I informed him about this and obviously he doesn’t understand. Should I remove the herbs and lettuce and replace with organic plants or just wash the leaves carefully and replant later? Answer From Pat: Your question regarding “organic […]

Roses And Other Flowers

Question About Roses From Nancy: I am in Sunset zone 9 and because of the direction our house was built my planters are almost total shade. I need suggestions of flowers to plant in shade. I love roses. Along with flowers are their any roses that can survive shade? Answer From Pat: For many years […]

Trimming California Pepper Trees

Tree Trimming Question From Ter: Is there any way to stop or at least minimize the number of new sprouts that grow on the cuts after i trim the California pepper tree? i take off a branch, turn around, and there are a dozen sprouts growing where the removed branch was. If i can’t stop […]

Can I Use A Liquid Fungicide Along The Drip-Line?

Gardening Question From Barbara: my flowering tree has Apple Scab disease. We live in Michigan, and the trees have lost most leaves and are beginning to go dormant. Can I use a liquid fungicide along the drip-line? Can I prune the tree first? Answer From Pat: When your tree is completely dormant and leaves have […]

Jacaranda Roots Under Artificial Turf

Gardening Question From Sue: Is there any way to lift the turf and prune the offending roots. The turf has been there for quite a few years and the true is doing fine. It is in a large raised planter surrounded by concrete, yet the roots are galloping under the grass. What do you suggest […]

Brown/Black Tips And Black Spots On Tabebuia Impeginosa

Gardening Question From Lynn: We are in Culver City,Ca and have three one year old Tabebuias all of which are developing black/brown tips of leaves as well as black spots. Could this be a drainage issue, and/or over watering or part of the semi deciduous process? Our arborist suggests over watering. Any tips on how […]

“Mushroom Compost” Or Substrate

Gardening Question From Martha: I have access to a commercial mushroom farm that makes its spent mushroom medium available at no charge to gardeners. This seems to be a terrific addition for my raised beds. I once toured a mushroom farm and saw that they sterilized the medium before onoculating it with the mushroom spawn. […]

Kumquat Trees With Very Cupped Leaves

Gardening Question From Andrew: I have 3 kumquat trees in my garden area.  Two are 3 years old, one is about 5 years old.  My soil is very low in N and K.  A lot of 5 year old’s leaves are somewhat yellow.  I do feed on a regular basis with organic EB Stone citrus […]

Propagating Podacarpus

Gardening Question From Bee: Could you please tell me how to start a podacarpus from a cutting?  My neighbors have really ugly wooden fences (we live in Florida) and I think a living fence would be so pretty.  I have seen them formed into beautiful hedges and that would be perfect for what I want. […]

Silver Sheen VS Podacarpus VS Purple Hop Bush

Gardening Question From Maria: Hi, I live in Irvine, CA, and I am looking for replacement for privacy hedge/trees for our two 20 foot Camphor trees. Unfortunately, the Camphors had grown too big and lifting our concrete and messing up our pipes. The trees will be right by our main patio area so I prefer […]